Frequently Asked Questions

Q. About BBQ
*You need to make reservation in advance.
 ◆Things we'd like guests to prepare
*Disposal paper cup & dish, Food&Beverages & Seasonings
 (we do have glass and dish but it`s earthenware so please avoid using those)
◆Things we'll prepare
One WEBER, grill, tongs for charcoal and food, charcoals※approx 2kg, a fire starter, gloves
*We may have to ask you to cancel it depends on weather conditions
Q. Is Day-Use available?
A. We do not have plan for day use. Same price will be applied as one night stay per day.
Ex. If 2 people stay over night, 2 people use day time only, it is considered as 4 guests.
Q. How many people can this property accommodate?
A. Either room, Sechan & Yoshibo can accomodate 6 people at max. If the number of guests will be more than its capacity, please let us know in advance.
Q. If we cancel booking, is there cancellation fee?
A. Cancellation fee will apply based on these conditions.
14 days before check in date, and 100% for the booking fee.
Q. Can we check-in or check-out at irregular timing? (Before or after fixed time)
A. Usually, we do not accept check-in or check-out except fixed timing.
* If the reason can be unpreventable, or in urgent case, please let us know as soon as possible.
Q. How far is Lake Kawaguchi?
From Setsu, it's about one minute walk to Lake Kawaguchi.
Q. Are there convenience stores nearby?
A. There is a convenience store within 10 mins by walking. The nearest super market is 10 minutes away by car.
Q. Can we use firecrackers?
A. For safety and environmental reason, we refrain from using firecrackers in Fuji Kawguchiko town.
We ask for your kind understanding and cooperation.